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Digital Delivery Notes for Your Logistics

Our multilingual system professionally manages delivery notes and optimizes internal processes in a simple way.

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Solutions for Digital Delivery Notes


The Solutions for Digital Delivery Notes

Digitize manual processes and elevate your document management to a new level. Integrate your own ERP system and save even more time.

Multilingual Documents and User Interfaces

Our software allows translation into up to 12 languages, ideal for international traffic. Avoid misunderstandings with our precise translation algorithms.

Digital Signature for Seamless Operations

Optimized web interfaces for mobile devices allow seamless integration of digital signatures into your document handling, without additional hardware costs.

Translate documents into the desired language of the driver or recipient!

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Digitize Your Delivery Notes Now and Save Time
Integration with
ERP Systems
Create Documents with One Click
Request Your Own Fleet or Shipping Company
Multilingual Digital Document Management

Our Contracts for Your Strategies

Choose What Fits Best

Plan A

80€ / Month
  • max. 20 Documents/ Month*
  • 2 Accounts
  • Email Support Included

Plan B

350€ / Month
  • max. 350 Documents/ Month*
  • Integrated Request Process
  • 5 Accounts
  • Email Support Included
Most Popular!

Plan C

600€ / Month
  • max. unbegrenzte Documents/ Month*
  • Integrated Request Process
  • 15 Accounts
  • Your Own Logo on Documents
  • Email Support Included (prio)

Individual Contract

999*€ / Month
  • Everything from Plan C
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Early Access to New Features
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So Simple, So Easy
Easily Guided Through the Processes
Create Delivery and Freight

Manually transfer all freight and transport information or through interfaces to generate deliveries.

Request and Compare Prices

With one click, receive quotes from your contacts and choose the appropriate carrier.

Generate and Send E-Documents

Create and digitally sign freight papers via our platform and hand them over to the driver digitally or in paper form.

Reduce Your CO2 Footprint with Digital Delivery Notes


Digitization helps you save CO2 and present yourself more sustainably. Multilingual e-documents avoid copies and language barriers.

The system creates delivery notes, shipping orders, and CMR from the existing data. An intelligent query checks the requirements of different languages and provides them. In case of damage, a defect document is generated and all digital documents are available at any time.

Use your valuable working time optimally and focus on your core tasks.

  • Digital Freight Documents
  • Multilingual Documents
  • Sign on Devices
  • Digital Notification
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